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Optical Lens & Windows

With the advantage of long-term partnership with those optical lens/windows/filters manufacturers, Nuoxing Advanced Material Co.,Ltd. (Nuoxing Technology) can easily sourcing high quality of optical lens / windows / filters in accordance with customers' quality requirements for global demanders. We are registered exporter of optical conponents.


Polished coated lens/windows 抛光镀膜片
Material可加工材料Ge, Si, ZnSe, ZnS,Chalcogenide glass            锗、硅、硒化锌、6克化锌、硫系玻璃
Specification 规格尺寸Customized 根据客户要求
Diameter Tolerance直径公差W0.03 mm
Radius of curvature曲率半径ASag< 0.005
Center thickness tol. 中心厚公差<0.025 mm
Variation of edge thickness       边绿厚度变化<0.03 mm
Surface finishing 光洁度40/20
Penetration rate 透过率1.Double-sided antireflection film N97% 2.Carbon film + permeable film N90%
Surface type 面型N<2 AN<1
Flatness 平面度<10um
Center Variation 中心偏1.Window<30" 2.Penetration^<1.5*

Infrared components (红外元器件)

Material   可加工材料Ge, Si, ZnSe, ZnS,Chalcogenide glass   锗、硅、硒化锌、硫化锌、硫系玻璃
Specification   规格尺寸Customized 根据客户要求
Diameter Range 直径范围12mm-450 mm
Aspheric turning diameter        非球面车削直径12mm-200 mm
Spherical polished diameter     球面抛光直径12mm-450 mm

Diameter Tolerance 直径公差

0.05 mm
Center thickness tolerance      中心厚公差0.02 mm
Surface finishing   光洁度20/10、10/5
Surface accuracy 面型精度PVλ/10、λ/20
Surface roughness   表面粗糙度Ra≤0.04μm
Local error 局部误差≤0.5
Center Variation 中心偏≤1'
Overall high tolerance 总高公差±0.02
Concave vector height 凹面矢高±0.02
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