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Astronomy filters

   Astronomy filters are mainly used for urban   astrophotography, which retains the high light transmittance of the H and O spectral regions of the nebula, and filters out most of the other light pollution, so that the nebula can be better presented when shooting.

   Commonly used products in astronomy filters are LRGB   single-channel synthetic filter sets and multi-channel filter sets. It is mainly aimed at Oiii-500.7nm, Hα-656.3 and Sii-672.4 spectra with high transparency, and other regions are deeply blocked.

Astronomical Single Channel Products:

Center wavelength: 500.7, 656.3, 671.6nm


T-peak: ≥85%

Cut-off wavelength: 200-1000nm (negotiable)

Cut-off depth: ≥OD5

Product size: negotiable and customizable

Spectrum of Astronomy Filters
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