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Magnetic storage and semiconductors

Issuing time:2019-05-17 01:40

Magnetic Storage And Semiconductors

The semiconductor industry is mainly composed of integrated circuits, semiconductor discrete devices, optoelectronic devices and sensors, among which integrated circuits are the largest component of the semiconductor industry and also an important application field of sputtering target materials. With the rapid development of information technology, the integration degree of integrated circuit is becoming higher and higher. The size of unit and device in the circuit is shrinking continuously. The size of component is from millimeter level to micron level and then to nanometer level. Inside each unit device, it is composed of substrate, insulator, dielectric layer, conductor layer and protective layer, etc., among which, the dielectric layer, conductor layer and even protective layer all need sputtering coating technology, and sputtering target material is one of the core materials for preparing integrated circuits.



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