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Biomedical fluorescent film set

Issuing time:2023-12-14 14:14

    Fluorescence Filters refer to a variety of applications used in fluorescence systems filters, including   extraction of fluorescence energy or obtaining fluorescence imaging. Its main feature is   the good isolation of interfering light and the autofluorescence interference is less. The fluorescence filter sets is a filtering system which generally consists of an excitation filter,   an emission filter and a dichroic mirror.   It usually requires a cut-off   band depth at OD5 (optical density, optical density, OD=- lgT) above,   the   central   filter length positioning is accurate, and it is biomedical analysis with important optical component for life science instruments.

波段1.jpgDichroic mirrors

Dichroic mirrors, also known as dichroic mirrors, are commonly used in   laser technology. It is characterized by almost complete transmission of   light of certain wavelengths and almost complete reflection of light of   other wavelengths. It refers to the separation of the light source from a specific spectrum to change the direction of part of the spectral optical   path at 45 degrees of incidence, which is commonly used in PCR, flow   cytometer, fluorescence microscope system, laser projector, optical   instrument beam splitter, video glasses and other sensor systems. The   structure of the device can be effectively reduced to achieve a multi-functional optical path.

Our company can provide dichroic mirror products, which have the   advantages of cut-off depth, high transmittance and steepness, and are   widely used in lasers and biomedical fields.


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